Loan Products

Loan Products

We have teamed up with a network of lenders to provide loan products to suit your needs. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, looking to pull equity from your home, or simply looking to find a better rate, we have a loan for you.


The most popular loan product that allows borrowers to choose up to a 30 year loan term. Conventional loans can be either fixed-rate or adjustable-rate.

    • as little as 3% down
    • competitive MI rates
    • MI eliminated at 80% LTV
    • 1-4 units
    • Primary residence, 2nd home, investment properties

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Loan program insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that requires low down payment, higher debt to income ratios and flexible credit requirements. This program is ideal for borrowers that do not qualify for a Conventional loan product.

    • Down payments as low as 3.5%
    • Flexible qualification
    • competitive MI rates

Veterans Administration (VA)

We are proud to offer VA home financing to those who serve and have served our country, VA are specifically designed with exclusive Veterans benefits for Veterans, Active members, and spouses of those who have served.

    • 0 Down payment
    • Credit as low as 600
    • No monthly MI
    • Purchase, Cash out Refinances or Streamlined Refinances (IRRRL)
    • Renovation option available

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

USDA is a great program for borrowers in rural areas with up to 100% financing. This is a great program for eligible properties that removes down payment requirement.

    • 0% down
    • No Minimum Fico with AUS approval
    • Low to moderate income
    • 30-year fixed rate
    • Rural properties only (eligibility requirements apply)
    • Available for purchase, rate and term refinance, and streamline refinance.

Delayed Financing

Delayed Financing allows you to pay cash for your house and then allow you to recoup your investment without waiting for the purchase to season.

    • No seasoning period (typically 210 days).
    • Source of funds used for purchase must be verified.
    • LTV determined by current appraisal.
    • Must have purchased the house within the preceding six months.

Flex Term Loan

Customize the perfect loan for your borrower without resetting the mortgage clock! Flex Term provides borrowers with flexible options to select their amortization term.

    • Available on all conventional, FHA and VA loan products
    • Terms available from 8–30 years

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How high does my FICO have to be to qualify for a home mortgage?

    While there are many factors that influence the qualification of a home mortgage, when it comes to your credit score, we generally say that a 600 FICO will qualify. Depending on debt-to-income and payment history, we can sometimes qualify as low as a 580 FICO.

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    Will my information be shared?

    As a mortgage broker, we do need to share your information to some extent while we submit and close your mortgage loan. Some companies that we share information with include our lender network, title companies, appraisal network, and sometimes real estate agents (if you do not already have an agent). We do not sell or share your information for purposes of future solicitation.

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    Why use a mortgage broker instead of applying directly with a lender.

    As a mortgage broker, we have contracts with several lenders. Some of the lenders that we have contracts with only fund loans from brokers and do not have a retail department. So by choosing a broker, you have access to more lenders and we are able to shop the rate through multiple sources to ensure that you get a loan to best fit your goals and situation.

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    What's the difference between a cash-out refinance and a home equity loan?

    Home equity loans or home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) are usually second mortgages. In other words, they are mortgages that you take out on top of the main mortgage you have on your home. This makes them second liens against your property and therefore more risky. A cash-out refinance is not a second loan; it is a new first mortgage.

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    What is equity? How can it help me get cash out of my refinance?

    Home equity refers to the appraised value of your home minus the amount you still owe on your loan.

    The more equity you have, the more money you may be able to get from a cash-out refinance. Many homeowners take cash out to pay off high-interest debt or make home improvements. Try our mortgage calculator to see if you have enough equity to reach your financial goal.