Buying Your First Home

Where to Get Started with Homewise Financial Regardless of whether you are looking to buy a home now, or if you are a few years off, we can help you understand your options and how to get the right mortgage for you situation. How Mortgage Loans Work Our Home Buyers Guide breaks down the process and answers most of [...]

Buyers Guide – Buying a House With a Low Down Payment

You can qualify to buy a house with as little as 3% down, or even 0% down on certain loan programs. How Much DO You Really Need For a Down Payment? Are you thinking of buying a home and saving for a down payment? It may not require as much as you thought. There are many mortgage loan [...]

Buyers Guide – Managing Your Mortgage Payments

Where Your Monthly Payment Goes Every month you make a payment to your lender to pay back the money that you borrowed to purchase your house. This payment consists of principal and interest and will include escrow (to pay your property tax and homeowners insurance) and mortgage insurance if you have them. Your mortgage statements will show you [...]

Buyers Guide – Closing On Your Home

What Happens in the Days Before Closing You found the house that you love, your offer was accepted, and you got approved for the loan. You are now ready to sign on the dotted line and get your keys. Closing is where you will sign the paperwork associated with your mortgage loan, and in most cases, take possession [...]

Buyers Guide – Preparing to Close

Preparing to Close on Your House After your offer has been accepted by the seller, there are three important milestones that will occur: home inspection, appraisal, and underwriting. Knowing how these pieces work together can assist you in preparing to close your loan. Home Inspection After your offer is accepted, you can schedule any inspections on the home. [...]

Buyers Guide – Find a House

Finding Homes For Sale You have likely seen "For Sale" signs in front of houses as you drive around. Is driving around the best way to find a house that will match your goals and budget? Searching online can be a good start to locate houses for sale in the neighborhood you want to live. Your real estate [...]

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