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How To Improve Your Credit Score

How to Improve Your Credit Score As a mortgage broker, I take applications everyday and often get asked the question about how the credit score affects the interest on a home loan. For those with some challenges on their credit report, I am also faced with the question of how they can improve their score to help them [...]

Rental Prices Climbing

I have heard from several people that they are concerned about buying a house in the current economy. In the current housing market, where the price of a house has climbed 20% in the last year, many are afraid that a purchase will lave them susceptible to the market crashing and their purchase being worth less than they paid [...]

Escrow – Homeowners Insurance and Property Tax

One of the biggest concerns that I deal with from borrowers that are either refinancing or purchasing their home is money being collected for their escrow account. I wanted to take a minute to explain how your escrow account works. What is an escrow account? Simply put, an escrow account is a separate account that [...]

What is Escrow Holdack?

Imagine that you are purchasing a house, have inspections performed, only to find repairs that are needed to be conducted. Depending on what was found and the loan program that you are using, these repairs could stop the purchase if unfixed. Other times you may not be in a position to want to except the house without the repairs being [...]

What makes up a home loan interest rate

Different Parts of a home loan interest rate Behind the scenes, there are many elements that go into properly pricing an interest rate. The interest rate takes in to account the loan amount, your credit score, lock period, lender paid origination charges, lender credits, and any promotions that the lender is currently offering. How does [...]

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