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The VA offers two main refinancing products:

  1. The simplest is the interest rate reduction refinance loan, or IRRRL, also called a VA streamline refinance or a VA to VA loan.

  2. The second type, a VA cash-out refinance loan, allows homeowners to cash out on the equity from the property.

You served our country. Let us serve you with a VA interest rate reduction loan.

  • Fast closings – 15 days or less, on average

  • No appraisal needed

  • No income or asset verification required

  • No out-of-pocket money at closing

  • Reduced or waived funding-fee options

  • Mortgage-only credit report pull


Since the Veterans Administration introduced its home-loan program toward the end of World War II, U.S. veterans have enjoyed a low-cost alternative to conventional mortgages.

Refinancing a conventional bank loan with a VA loan can save veterans even more.

The two main advantages of VA loans: The ability to refinance up to 100 percent of the home’s value, and no need to purchase mortgage insurance.

But every case is different. Experts suggest veterans take a good look at their own requirements and shop around among lenders before signing up for a new mortgage.